• Built-in Water Tank Self-cleaning Sterilizer
  • Built-in Water Tank Self-cleaning Sterilizer
Built-in Water Tank Self-cleaning Sterilizer


Scope of application: life water tank 0-40m3, fire water tank 0-80m3 Power: 300W Disinfection method: built-in ozone disinfection.


Working principle : oxygen is converted to ozone when air passes through high frequency & high voltage electric fields, and it is mixed with water timely. The strong oxidation effect of ozone can kill the bacteria in water. The reasonable concentration of killing bacteria can be achieved by adjusting the enter water pressure, air volume and electricity.

The disinfection of domestic water is added 0.50-1.0g of ozone per cubic meter of water, after 12 minutes, ozone residue reaches 0.3mg/L. Microbiological indicators meet the national standard GB5749 requirements.



Structural function : Built-in water tank self-cleaning sterilizer consists of an electric control cabinet and ozone releaser. 

The electric control cabinet is the control system of ozone generator and other power parts, ozone releaser has the high - efficiency ozone release and aeration, the two parts are connected by ozone piping.

Technology characteristics and specifications :

1. It can produce mixed high oxidizing substances, sterilize and kill algae quickly. It has a broad-spectrum and can kill all microbes.

2. Above high oxidizing substances can prevent the side effects of disinfection by chlorine, medicament,etc.

3. Disinfection is not only for water but also for water tank and pool.

4. It has a continuous disinfection effect.

5. It can also increase oxygen and improve the quality of domestic water.